Carnival Fete-ish, Carnival Fun!

Is there any greater joy for the thousands of us that anticipate these extravaganza’s each year? From Trinidad to Miami the year is chock full of carnival anticipation and excitement. From Island to Island and city to city across the world, Carnival lovers, old and young prepare for the ritual that includes, selecting bands and costumes, purchasing airline tickets, booking accommodations, planning fete schedules and getting in tune with all the music and fanfare that each Carnival brings.

All of you Carnival babies…search the internet for photos, information, and gossip with anticipation as the carnival(s) of your choice approach.

Let me just tell you, I share your excitement, before Carnival can even end I am gearing up for the next season.

The season is now upon is.

Come share my Carnival Feteish! One costume, one band, one Carnival at a time!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shaina says:

    Cool picture. I love carnivals.

  2. Bamabac Crew says:

    Fantastic!!! Totally bookmarked!!!

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