Miami Carnival Vibrationzz

Vibrationzz img 1
People always underestimate the underdogs, and in the world of Miami Carnival, where long established bands like Generation X and China are the go to names for Mas, Vibrationzz, Inc, a veritable newcomer in the mas arena is steadily making its presence felt.

Vibrationzz, Inc, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting the growth of Carnival and its art forms in South Florida, was conceived in the heart and mind of two sisters, Kizzy Alleyne and Michelle Terrelonge.

Their intent was to give people an option to the established Mas bands that were beginning to feel elitist in their approach to their masqueraders. To add something edgy, youthful , approachable and of course affordable to the South Florida Public.

In just three years the band has grown to encompass other members whose individual talents run the gamut of the carnival experience. With the talents of Rhythm International as in house DJ’s, Walshy Killa of “Black Chiney” fame and Slaughter of “Xcalibur”, the musical side of “VBZ” as they are affectionately called by their masqueraders has been strong and steady, earning them the title of best Music on the Road in the carnival parade in 2008.

Their Creative Director, Clivia Robley has been involved in numerous bands in Florida as a designer and section producer for the past 10 years but has now chosen to be one of the fixed assets of the band. Vibrationzz placed fourth in the Miami carnival competition in 2008 in only its 2nd year of existence.

This year, in the Miami-Broward One Carnival , Vibrationzz presents “Vegas Nights” – celebrating the glitz and glamour of the famed Las Vegas night life. With 5 sections , a solid promotional team, and on point DJ’s, Vibrationzz will once again try to produce the same formula that has turned all their masqueraders into a carnival family – a VBZ family. Feel the Movement.


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