Spice-ing things up!


Last year in Trinidad a new band “Spice Carnival” launced onto the already crazed Carnival scene.  

From what I can recall there was a good deal of curiosity about them.  Most eyes were still very focused on Carnival Tribe and Island People Mas.  However, looking back after Carnival, after not so happy experiences in the other two “it” bands, people started giving Spice another look.  Last year they presented – Spice: “The Missing Ingredient”.  The costumes were very cute, and pretty much in keeping to the now acceptable standard of bikinis, cage bras, appliqués, feathers and backpacks.   

Reports from masqueraders that took a chance with the freshman group on the road this February were favorable for the most part, and therefore led to quite a bit of anticipation for the sophomore presentation of “The Spice Route”.  The Spice route covers a vast area and includes very distinct cultures, so the costumes have a lot to live up to.

So far, so good I say, but the real test comes with local and foreign registration, costume distribution and the road for Carnival 2010.Time will tell if Spice really is the missing ingredient and the route to take!

Registration is scheduled to begin today.

Monday 10th August 12-8 pm (Spice 2009 masquerader registration)
Tuesday 11th August 12-8 pm (Spice 2009 masquerader registration)
Wednesday 12th August and onward- Open to the public (Monday to Saturday 12-8pm)



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  1. Darling Nikki says:

    Can we see some prices already?? Sheesh!

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