Vegas Nights


Hello VBZ Family! We hope that you are ready for your Vegas Nights experience for 2009 as we are steadily preparing for you. For this new year we are working hard in the background to improve on 2008 and to make you even more satisfied with your Carnival experience.

Male Costumes

Guys. Don’t Worry. We have not forgotten you, and believe me we are not excluding you from our plans. Stay tuned as we reveal our Male Costume in the next week. You are an ESSENTIAL part of the VBZ family and we promise to deliver on your needs. Keep checking our website at
Vibrationzz.comΒ and we will soon update you on the equal counterpart to our female designs.

Miami-One Broward Carnival Launch

The official launch of Carnival is this weekend, Saturday August 22nd at the Mahi Temple In Miami – 1480 NW North River Drive.
This will be a great opportunity to come see the costumes and live models at the show case. Β 
Tickets are $10.00 in advance, so come out , look for the VBZ Tent and support your team!
-VBZ Team-


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