Island People Mas Presents Kutchela


Island People Mas has launched their fifth presentation Kutchela. The costumes are true to the theme and give off both in name and presentation a very traditional East Indian feel. I’ve always been a sucker for a theme in a band so I decided to look up the names and find out what they translate to. Below you will find the Section (“Chapter”as IP Mas usually calls it) and the definition as best as I could find.

“Kalpana” translates into Imagination

“Jaipur” is the former capital of the princely state Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City. It was founded in 1727 AD by one of the greatest rulers of the Kachhawaha clan, the astronomer king Sawai Jai Singh.

“Bindi” is a dot or small particle commonly worn in the center of the head by women in India

“Chandsitarie” A title to a song on the soundtrack of a popular Bollywood movie also means Moon and Stars

“Kundalini” is Sanskrit for “snake/serpent power,” because it’s believed to lie like a serpent in the root chakra at the base of the spine. Kudalini is a term commonly used in yoga.

“Mudra” is a gesture or position of the hands

“Taal” is the indian system of rhythm

“Nakshatra” – is your birth star in indian astrology

“Priyaadarshini” – The best definition and association of this I could find is that it is the middle name of Indira Ghandi and that it means “beautiful to look at” – works for me!

“Raja Aur Rani” – is a Hindi film in India
Raja Aur Rani

“Chutney Bhaav” – I really couldn’t seem to come up with a literal translation of this one, “chutney” is either derived from caṭnī (Hindi: चटनी, Urdu: چٹنی), a term for a class of spicy preparations used as condiments or “chutney” the Indian influenced music indigenous to the southern Caribbean
“bhaav” or “bhav” is said to be the range of critical human emotions and centers around love and spirtuality. Don’t quite see the connection. Maybe someone in IP Mas can clear that up!
Chutney Bhaav

Morgandani – all I can tell you about this is to ask Diane Hunte she designed it!

Wyatt Gallery and his Fuse Agency did a wonderful job with the calendar as usual.

The site IslandPeople Mas states that it will launch this week.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Betty says:

    Thanks, that is a very good article. I found it via Google and immediately incorporated into my feedreader. I am pleased to soon be back here to read again! Best greets

  2. CharlyADC says:

    Nice review – didn’t even think about interpreting the chapters. Saw costumes in person @ launch & “Bindi” was nice & also the only name that I knew what it was – That’s why we picked it ; ).

    As 4 “Morgandani”, U R right. In person d male looked like a pajama. LOL. (Probably means sleepwear….)

    1. Thank you. I think Bindi is one of my favourite. Crystal Aming usually makes nice costumes.

  3. eddieanne says:

    Nice review there… as always Wyatt Gallery and IPmas have a stunning presentation… I want a calendar!!

  4. mauvaislangue says:

    Good info…

    LOL at “Morgandani – all I can tell you about this is to ask Diane Hunte she designed it!”

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