Carvalho – Aloha 2???

If it’s not enough that almost all the big bands in Trinidad have decided to dabble in all things Asian (Spice’s Spice Route, Tribe’s Secret of Silk, Island People’s Kutchela and Legacy’s impending Masala)
A second group/band have decided to not just mirror the theme, but copy the entire name of Aloha! It appears that in addition to Pulse 8 Carnival’s presentation of Aloha, Glenn Carvalho is preparing a presentation of the same name!

However, I must say the “models” are a bit questionable!
Carvalho Model 2

Carvalho Model 1

I guess we will have to wait and see who keeps the name. Carnival – how can you not love it??!!!


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  1. n says:

    Disgraceful is a strong word. Why don’t we wait to see the costumes before we throw words like that. If Trini’s were so worried about representing carnival then they would not have sold their souls to China or put on some of the costumes they do, which are much worst than these pics. How many different ways are these bands going to give us a bikini to jump in that falls apart? When are we going to stand up and stop paying for over priced costumes from China? Bring the mas back to the locals to make and stop the influx of imports.

  2. nobody says:

    Glenn Carvalho is not copying anybody he has his website up long before Pluse 8 had there’s.. its clearly that Pluse 8 stole his idea

  3. What does that have to do with the obviously airbrushed stripper/pornstar on their site? One of them is bascially with her finger in her mouth legs spread open w/ a photoshop grass skirt on. YUCK!!!

    Furthermore, since Glenn Carvalho is a mature man in the mas business for decades should he not have more discretion than to use that as his online represenatation of Trinidad Carnival to the world wide web??!!!

    1. carnivaljumbie says:

      I think I must roll up my pantlegs, as the sentiment is getting thick in here. Your description of the GRAPHIC on Glenns website and what I see are two entirely different things. Yes I see a photoshopped girl, but not as explicit as you describe. Your concerned of how Trinidad Carnival is portrayed on the web? Have you played mas recently??? Your close mindedness and very heavily biased opinion of Mr. Carvalho, now that’s Disgraceful. Also you should have your information correct before you post it.

      1. You think I’m close-minded, I think your transparent. Touché!

      2. carnivaljumbie says:

        Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  4. Nala says:

    Have you seen the way some of the girls dress at carnival? Most of them are half naked and can be in penthouse or playboy. Maybe even hustler. Leave the man alone. At least he is not ripping us off like other bands. I use to play with him back in the day and many of us stop playing when he left in the 90’s. Carnival has turned into the same old costumes falling apart and with his talent I know he will bring something different.

  5. TriniGirl says:

    Well what can I say >>> CARNIVAL IS AH BACCHANAL …
    Yes agreed the models are questionable in no way looks like our Trini Girls .. mor like they were Penthouse Pinup girls who were PHOTO SHOPED with grass skirts …

  6. TriniGirl says:

    Well what can I say >>> CARNIVAL IS AH BACCHANAL …

  7. mauvaislangue says:

    Who is Glenn Carvalho and where abouts is he based?

    Agree with “models” are a bit questionable!

    1. This is what I’ve found. I was looking for a picture online but couldn’t seem to come across one. He seems to be in the business for years. Anyway below is a synopsis of what I’ve found on him:

      The popular Woodbrook masman is still well remembered for pioneering Carnival street parties with his annual street blockos on Luis Street.
      In 2006, Carvalho co-produced Coloursieum, presented by 2 Ps & D’Pod.
      In 2007 Glenn Carvalho and Raoul Garib joined forces to produce Remember When Dis was Mas for C2K7. Carvalho’s daughter, Shawnequa, will play queen for Remember When Dis was Mas.
      In 2008 the Presentation was Vegas Jumbie.
      In 2009 Presentation: ‘The Journey Begins ‘Carvalho Mas (Glen & Charmaine Carvalho)

      1. carnivalbabe75 says:

        I’m not quite sure where you found your information from but Glenn Carvalho was and in the mind of many still a popular bandleader.
        Carvalho has been in the Mas buisness since the late 70’s and a household name for most of the 80’s along with Hart, Samuel, Garib Berkley and Minshall.
        Even though Carvalho enjoys a friendship and has much respect for the Hart family he has never brought Mas with them,(please get your facts straight).
        Carvalho did have a joint venture with Garib in 06′, nothing in 07′.08′ or 09′.
        As far as your posting goes in regards to this whole ALOHA thing, Carvalho’s web site has been up since April 09′.
        So that does leave one to beg the question who is copying whom ir is this just a case of sour grapes?
        For all those out there who would like to het the facts in rehards to Glenn Carvalho please visit his web site @
        Carvalho has a history of his Carnival adventures on there.

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