Spice Route Detour!

LogoSeems like Spice Mas has had trouble with their PayPal account set up. All of their online registrants have been given a refund!

Spice Mas issued the following email to registered masqueraders notifying them of the situation:


Please do not be alarmed by this situation . We did indeed refund all
of our masqueraders
who paid via paypal but this does not mean that you have lost your
costume. We have a
comprehensive database of all of your orders and production has already begun.
We just need to receive your payment again and this can be done by you
filling out the
electronic form that we will be sending you via email. It will include
spaces for your
original order number and you credit card info.As soon as we receive
this info we will
process your payment again via our showroom and everything will be fine.

Spice carnival is definitely going to be on the road for carnival 2010
and costumes are
going really fast so please do not worry about this little issue.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. mauvaislangue says:

    *are sent out (I needed to proof read before hitting submit – lol)

  2. mauvaislangue says:

    note to Spice:- spell check before emails

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