Carnival Nationz Miami


BIG News from the CNz camp

Picture this… it’s October, getting colder in Toronto as Thanksgiving long weekend fast approaches… dreams of sun, sea and sand on everyone’s mind… yuh feet doh stop ‘cause somewhere around the world ah carnival is about to explode on stage… ahhhhhhh where better to be in early Fall than in MIAMI… playing mas with North America’s #1 Carnival masquerade band…

CARNIVAL NATIONZ MIAMI  in the 2009 rebirth of “One Miami Carnival”

In this, our  5th year of existence, with 3 Caribana “Band of the Year” titles (including this year – 2009) and numerous King, Queen and Individual wins under our belt, we have commenced a new era in Toronto’s #1 band’s history, i.e. the launch of Carnival Nationz Miami.


What is CNz Miami about?

CNz Miami is about unleashing the spirit, quality and experience that is deeply embedded within our philosophy and mentality on the sensory overdose that is MIAMI, especially around carnival time.  Now we have not ventured into this lightly but rather through months of careful planning.  We truly believe that with the recent consolidation of the Broward & Miami carnivals into one Miami festival… the timing is perfect to launch CNz Miami.  So we will be teaming up with promoters and other business people in Miami and across the US to re-create the CNz vibe.  We are truly excited with this venture and look forward to being able to participate and develop a strong loyalty base in two of the biggest Caribbean-style carnival festivals in the world.

Miami Carnival takes place on the same weekend as Canada’s Thanksgiving Long Weekend – so that is even more incentive to get away and travel to Miami to enjoy a long weekend in the sun, near the sea and playing mas with CNz Miami.


» What does this mean for YOU?

Feel free to come play with CNz in Miami (or Toronto) by simply registering via email/phone/online… It is very important to understand that CNz Miami is not restricted to people who played mas with us in Toronto but is open to the general public across North America to join and participate.

So come register and be a part of the evolution of mas with the ultimate North American band.  We will be featuring 6 sections for our Miami presentation

“The Exotic Garden: the Glow of Life” (

  1. Wild Yellow Ixia (Summer’s Majesty – yellow) – Nigel Braithwaite 305-975-4703 e-mail:
  2. Purple Passion Flower (Water Lily -purple) – DJ Dorenzo 954-701-5655 e-mail:
  3. Jade Vine (Morning Glory – green) – Savanna Thomas 954-809-8024 e-mail:
  4. Blue Butterfly (Aguja – blue) – Marsha Seow (Island Girlz) 954-732-8257 e-mail: or
  5. Sensual Strawberries (Lychee – pink) Annie 786 469-1478 e-mail: & Wilfredo 954-478-6873 e-mail:
  6. Exotic Red Intuition Roses (Wild Roses – red) – Any CNzMiami rep above for the other sections or Carcel Greenidge: 404-424-1292 e-mail:

If you played mas in Toronto and already have your costume, then all you pay a $75US band fee charge to:

Bryce @ 1.416.985.8488 or

Marcus @ 1.416.565.4079 or

Dwayne @ 1.416.930.9650 or

Costumes Cost:

Females – $160US floor-members (frontline is more)

Males – $145US

And CNzMiami is an ALL-INCLUSIVE band with food and alcohol being served…

CNz Miami Mas Camp location:

6305 Suite B Miramar Parkway, Miami, Florida


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