Miami Carnival Fete List 2009 – Updated

What’s going on for Miami Carnival 2009? Fete after fete after fete of course!

Lets start off with TriniSouthBoyz (TSB) talk about go hard or go home non-stop from Wednesday to Tuesday try keeping up with their schedule!!!

Log on here for details of their daily events.

If you want some variation from the TSB lineup, here are my picks:


Darkers South Beach

Tribe Ignite

Girl Power

Rise & Shine!

Super Friends

Black & White

Vale Vibe Miami

UWe Fete

And of course all these fetes have been inspired by MIAMI CARNIVAL!!! If you don’t have a costume, check out my list of Miami Carnival bands and don’t be left out!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. janelle says:

    ummm it is not fair to those livin outside nyc, and want to go to fetes such as the diamand vale b/fast, and shine, tickets were never available to us, and they are sold out.. hummm whas da one!

    1. Very valid point! I will pass that on to the promoters!

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