Miami Carnival 2009 in video and photo review – Updated

One of the photos of the day in the WSJ!

Gayelle Felix, a dancer with the group “Fun Generation,” showed off her costume at the Miami-Broward One Carnival parade celebrating Caribbean culture in Miami Sunday. (Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press)
This costume (barring the backpiece which was designed by Trevor Larode and Errol Austin) was designed by Janine Renee’ of Carnivalbaby International. She is also known for her co-designs of Wild Samazi, Imp of Paradise and Silver Mist in Carnival Tribe Mas band of Trinidad and Tobago and has recently designed headpieces for Hawks International 2009 Labor Day presentation of Neptune Cry’s and headpieces for Vibrationzz presentation of Vegas Nights in Maimi Carnival.

So if you didn’t make it to Miami, or if you did make it and lost your camera, or if you made it and drank yourself into a stupor and can’t remember a thing, lucky for you this is the age of video! You can see what you missed all online!


Keep checking back for more updates!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for posting my picture on your website. My costume backpack was designed by trevor larode and errol austin. Please make necessary corrections and give the proper credit due.

    Thank you,

    1. Gayelle,
      I have sent you an email as well as changed the entry to give credit to Trevor Larode and Errol Austin.

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