Aloha 2 Stimulus Plan – Pushing the envelope for Carnival

So a couple of months ago I posted about a band named Aloha that is being brought by Glenn Carvalho. It is in no way related to Pulse 8 Carnival’s Aloha presentation for Carnival 2010.

To my knowledge the band is scheduled to launch this month sometime. The site does not have a specific band launching date. It just says that it will launch in October. However, some of the prices and section names are already up on their site along with the “exotic” models wearing “teaser” costumes.

Carvalho prices and sections

Carvalho images

I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I really can’t help but be amused. Good recession rates though. Can’t beat 1/2 off before December 20th! What a pity that I registered elsewhere already!


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  1. at a lost for words says:

    You are free to your opinion. Glenn launch date is 10/31. Sorry you were left out of that info.

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