Brian MacFarlane – Ressurection the Mas – Carnival 2010 – Updated

Registration is in full swing for MacFarlane’s 2010 presentation of Ressurection the Mas. An incredible look at the history of the Mas with names that I grew up hearing and mas that I used to look at with both wonder and fear as a child are all part of his ressurection. With 16 costumes in total and 2 already sold out sections, MacFarlane will be quite possibly the one to beat on the road for Band of the Year!

Jab Malassie $2995TT
McFarlane Jab Malassie

Burroquite $4595TT
McFarlane Burroquite

Red Indian $3895TT


Mcfarlane Red Indian

Stick Fighter $3195TT
McFarlane Stick Fight

Mad Cow $4195TT
McFarlane Mad Cow

Baby Doll $3995TT (Female Only Section)
McFarlane BabyDoll

Fancy Clown $3895TT
McFarlane FancyClown

Minstrel $3895TT
Minstrels have a choice of instrument with their costume. Banjo, Chac-Chac or Tambourine are available.
McFarlane Minstrel

Soumayree $4795TT
McFarlane Soumayree

Fireman $3795TT


McFarlane Fireman

Dame Lorraine $4295TT


McFarlane DameLorraine

Suck Meh Nose Sailor $3595TT
McFarlane Sailor

Paywo $4195TT
McFarlane Paywo

Black Indian $3995TT


McFarlane Black Indian

Bat $4295TT
McFarlane Bat

Jab Jab $4095TT
McFarlane Jab Jab

Check out the website for registration details.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Thecla says:


  2. nelson says:

    great great great always a master piece that is the mas i know cant wait to see it carnival tuesday band of the year again .

  3. renee lucas says:

    love yuh mas. always wanted to play mas with you,but just can’t afford, but will love to play next year. please i would like to see a price list. renee.

    1. Prices have been added. Hope that helps!

  4. Bianca king says:

    love your costume will love to play i live in ny
    please let me know which section is avaiable.
    i wait your reply.

    bianca king.

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