La Diablesse – Happy Halloween – with some Caribbean Flavour!


So it’s Halloween, and while I’m not a big fan of being scared, I love the costume aspect of Halloween! (Big surprise right!!!)

Caribbean folklore tends to be pretty colourful, and with the right tanty, uncle or older cousin telling you the tale, it can be very frightening. One of the characters that has always stood out to me since childhood is the La Diablesse. Read a little about this dame and have a Happy Halloween!

La Diablesse ( sounds like – Lah-ja-bless ) is a devil woman in Caribbean folklore. La Diablesse is sometimes personified as an old crone, who steps forth with her cloven hoof from behind a tree on a lonely road, the sound of chains mingling with the rustle of her petticoat. Sometimes she takes the form of a beautiful woman, to lure some unsuspecting passerby to his death or madness. Sometimes, she appears as a tall Creole woman with a swinging gait and erect stature, and although she may appear young, she will be dressed in the ancient costume of the islands: a bright turban, an embroidered blouse with half sleeves and lace, and all the finery of the days gone by. La Diablesse turns up at local dances, where she is immediately disliked by all of the women present, but still she charms all the men and asks one of them to take her home. She leads him into the woods and then she disappears. He is unable to find his way home, and stumbles around in the dark wood until he either falls into a river to his death or gets attacked by wild animals.

Intrigued? How about a fete in La Diablesse’s honour? See below for details!!!

La Diablesse
Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 10:00pm
Tickets $25


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