Trinidad Carnival Bands 2010

Trinidad Carnival Bands 2010

Trinidad Carnival will be 15 February/16 February 2010

Brian MacFarlane Presents Ressurection the Mas

McFarlane Bat

D Krewe Presents Salvaje 2010

Dream Team Presents Gems of the World

Genesis Presents The Desert

Glenn Carvalho Aloha

Harts Presents “50”

Island People Mas Presents Kutchela


Jhalwa Carnival Presents Jhalwa…The Real Fire

Legacy Presents Masala

Pulse 8 Carnival Presents Aloha

Ronnie and Caro Presents Tribute
Ronnie & Caro - Hummingbird

Rugeri Presents Boi Bumba

Showtime Mas Presents Matrix

Spice Carnival Presents The Spice Route

TRIBE Presents Secret of Silk

Threads of Morocco 1

Trini Revellers Presents Festivals of the World

Wee International Presents Treasures of the Caribbean

Childrens Bands (Kiddies)

carnival babies
Rosalind Gabriel Presents Love Your Country
Carnival Babies Presents Feather Fantasies
Spoilt Rotten Kids Colours of the Wind
For any further info on the band:, cnunes29@gmail.comlast

Jouvert Bands


Mas Jumbies

Yellow Devils

If you had your heart set on a costume and it is SOLD OUT, never fear, there are resources to help you find the costume of your dreams for resale!

Check out Carnival Junction and Fine Ah Ban you may just get lucky!

Check back periodically for updates to the list as bands continue to lauch for the 2010 Carnival season.


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  1. Dana Bartley says:

    And all of these times, I believed Carnival started in Rio!

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