ISLANDpeople Mas launches Road Works!

IPMAS banner
This just in from the folks at IP Mas:

How can we make life on the road work for you?? What can we do to improve you carnival experience??
Come and be a part of the first of its kind, interactive live forum and lime, where every Friday we discuss the relevant issues that affect you on the road.

Zone 1
“To wee or not to wee…..where, is the question?!?!”
This Friday, along with persons with the relevant knowledge, we will be discussing the Wee Wee truck situation and addressing your concerns on this subject.

Friday 13th November

6pm – 7pm (discussion)
7pm – 9pm (mix & mingle)

IP Mas Camp
11 Stone Street
Port of Spain

We want you to be a part of what we’re doing to make life on the road work!!
Stay tuned for additional weekly discussion topics…….

ISLANDpeople Mas….. The fun has just begun!


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  1. How can I get my site for carnival boots and accessories listed on your carnival fetish website?

    1. Send me an email to I have also added your url to my home page.

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