Trinidad Carnival Fete List 2010 Calendar – Updated*

What is Trinidad Carnival without the Fetes??!!!  

Wednesday January 27th, 2010
Carnival Under The Trees – The Normandie Series of events See Calendar

Friday January 29th, 2010
Central Bank All-Inclusive
TCL All-Inclusive
Ladies First – Pier 1, Chaguaramas
Ambience – Central Diego Martin Community Centre
Ladies Night Out – All-Inclusive

Saturday 30th January 2010
Privilege ‘Hysteria’ Cooler Fete
Wicked in White – QP Oval
Licensing Fete – Transport Div.
South Cancer Society – All-Inclusive
O’Farrell– All-Inclusive

Sunday 31st January 2010
Friends of Blood Bank Fete – All-Inclusive
Mc Leod Annual – All-Inclusive
US Embassy – All-Inclusive
T&T Air Guard – All-Inclusive
University School – All-Inclusive

“Echo of de Wind” takes place on Sunday 31st January, 2010 at Twin Walls Compound, La Romain. Entertainment includes performances by Alison Hinds, Karma, Sherwayne Winchester and more. Please call (868) 680-9328 for ticket information.

Friday 5th February 2010
Misty Ridge – All-Inclusive – Hadeed Ranch
Wild Meat – All-Inclusive –Tunapuna
Army Fete
We Fete – Drinks Inclusive – Soca Junction

Saturday 6th February, 2010
Fatima College – All-Inclusive
Karma Sutra 9 – Country Club, Maraval
Victoria Garden’s – All-Inclusive
Temperature III – QP Oval

Sunday 7th February, 2010
Heart Beat Hilton – All-Inclusive
Hearts on Fire – Normandie Under the Trees
T&TEC Soca Shoka IX – St John’s Complex
CAREC– All-Inclusive

Monday 8th February, 2010
PNM Fete – Balisier House, POS
Mardi Gras

Tuesday 9th February, 2010

Zante – All Inclusive
Bishops Junior School – All-Inclusive
Fall Out
Eyes Wide Shut – Queens Park Oval

Wednesday 10th February, 2010
S.O.S. Dutch Inclusive – Ocean View, Anchorage
The Ranch – Cunupia
Bacchanal Wednesday
Custom Boys Fete

Thursday 11th February, 2010
Beach House – All-Inclusive
Escape to the Sanctuary – All-Inclusive, Salybia
Melange – The Cruise – Pier 1
TRIBE Ignite
UWI Splash
T&T Police Assoc. Annual Carnival Fete

Friday 12th February, 2010
Silent Morning Trinidad Boat Ride
The True Flavour of Carnival 2 – Movietowne
Island People Girl Power
RISE – All-Inclusive – Maraval
Blue Range Cooler Fete – Diego Martin
D’Cooler Fete – Pier 1, Chaguaramas
Break Biche

Saturday 13th February, 2010
Atlantis 2009 – All-Inclusive
Trini Posse Fete – The Hanger, Chaguaramas
Insomnia Fete – Chaguaramas Gen:$250 Ltd Advance VIP $395!

Island People “Dawn” Sunrise In The City – Jenny’s Car Park
Lions – All-Inclusive – POS
Brass ‘The Rebirth’ Fete

Sunday 14th February, 2010 – Valentine’s Day‼!
D’Original Breakfast Party – Diamond Vale
Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party – Petit Valley
Dancing In the Sanctuary – All-Inclusive – Valsayn
Brian Lara – All-Inclusive – Chancellor Hill
Harvard Club All-Inclusive Fete – St. James
I Love Mania – Country Club
Hilton Poolside – Hilton Hotel POS
Cotton Tree Foundation – All-Inclusive – Spanish Acres
Be my Carnival Valentine – D’Cave – Maraval
Sunnyside Up Thank You – Cooler Fete – Pier 1, Poolside
Privilege ‘Jamboree Sunday’ – Jamboree Park, Valsayn

Vale Dutch – Parish Hall

CARNIVAL Monday 15th February, 2010
Parade of the Bands

CARNIVAL Tuesday 16th February, 2010
Parade of the Bands

Ash Wednesday 17th February, 2010
Maracas Beach Cooldown

Thursday 18th February, 2010
Beyonce “I Am Sasha” Concert – Queens Park Oval

*I will be updating this list regularly as venue’s, prices and new information becomes available, so check back often!

This page is also a wonderful resource for Trinidad Fetes and Ticket Information.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike G says:

    Please contact me regarding festiviteis parties labor day week in New York (Sesame Flyers Custom Boys etc) thank you

  2. Good Info. Tweeted about it. I’ll bookmark this post too.

  3. elizabeth says:

    my sis told me that army is on 9th of feb but it was last night her boy friend lie lol

  4. Hey Hey

    Thanks for this list.

    I am flying in on the 7th Feb and this list makes planning what I where I will be feteing much easier.



  5. Keisha says:


    I’m working with travel agents in the US to help their clients navigate through the carnival experience. Is there a company that serves as a concierge/coordinator of events for people traveling for carnival? They would help them organize tickets and transport to and from the events. Do you know if this service exists? I am from Trinidad but I have family who does it for me so that doesn’t help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  6. Lilly S says:

    Hey i can’t believe Army fete is on a tuesday…
    is this for me and let me know plz..thx

  7. Karambouly Kreations says:

    Our 4th Annual All Inclusive Carnival Party “Echo of de Wind” takes place on Sunday 31st January, 2010 at Twin Walls Compound, La Romain. Entertainment includes performances by Alison Hinds, Karma, Sherwayne Winchester and more. Please call (868) 680-9328 for ticket information.

  8. Quilin Achat says:

    Hi there, just correcting UWI Fete all-inclusive is actually going to be Jan 17th, 2010. They’ll be celebrating their 20th Anniversary so true feters, expect UWI Fete, only 20 times better.

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