Miss Universe Dolls in Costume

I was walking through CHOGM Village in POS Trinidad the other evening, which is next to the Hyatt Regency @ the Waterfront. There are all these booths with vendors and it’s a nice place to take an evening stroll. The sunset was pretty breathtaking as well!

I came across this tent where a young man had the cutest dolls dressed in Carnival Costumes. Of course it stopped me in my tracks! I mean costumes on dolls, how cute is that! I took a few pictures and his contact information.

I thought it was worth mentioning, and I’m sure avid doll collectors would really love them. I was wondering however, if any of these were actual replicas of costumes from the Miss Universe contest or if that is just a marketing strategy. None of them looked familiar, but they are adorable all the same!

For info email – kevinsteeple@hotmail.com


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  1. kevin steeple says:

    hey you must google me kevin steeple and you will see that its not a marketing strategy i actually make replica dolls for miss usa teen usa and miss universe winners ..check my facebook page out kevin steeple thanks for talking about me

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