International Carnival of Mulhouse – France


Mulhouse International Carnival is celebrated annually in the months of February and March. Like many other international Carnivals, Mulhouse reflects the rich cultural heritage and traditional legacy of Mulhouse through music, dance, festivals and parades.

The locals make bright colored floats that portray the traditions of the people that live in Mulhouse. The Carnival attracts several tourists from all various countries in Europe to experience the festival in France.

From 1920 to 1935 the International Carnival of Mulhouse was observed with intensity. World War II dampened the spirit of the Carnival and for almost twenty years it was not the same. In 1953, members of the local groups in Mulhouse got together and the International Carnival was again celebrated with a great deal of excitement.

According to custom, at the end of the procession the Queen and her two Princes are given charge of the keys of Mulhouse.

The Carnival has numerous parties and plenty of revelry that takes place through out the night. People of all ages take part in the parties. The entire city is decorated with colorful floats and all of the restaurants and bars stay open twenty-four hours.


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