Shangri-La: Kes the Band – Under the Trees

Kes the Band invites you to take a journey into the heart and soul of the music of our island, it’s culture, and diversity that takes you to a place unlike any other; Shangri-La .

On February 4, 2010, we take you to Normandie Under The Trees, allowing the cool misty air to envelop your senses into a state of nirvana, embodying the musical culture that makes us one people.

This full-blown concert is the first of its kind for Kes the Band, and while it may be the height of Carnival season, Shangri-La hopes to take it patrons beyond the “wave yuh rag” tunes, with a musical set of the band’s past, present, and future, going beyond what is expected at any event during this season.

Ticket Price: $200

For More Information Contact

Hotel Normandie: 625-8732, 624-1181 ext. 3341/3345, 396-1239

Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm, Sat: 10am-4pm

Question Mark Entertainment: 624-2844


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