A Note from Spice Carnival

Spice Crew,

Imagine your world shaking for just about 15-20 seconds, destroying most of what you have struggled to build for yourself for years. Killing your neighbours, family and other loved ones, injuring millions of your countrymen and crumbling all the institutions you have known for your whole life, your church, your homes, even national landmarks. In 20 seconds your entire life changes bringing with it utter devastation and destruction. Sorry to be so graphic but for the people of Haiti this is the reality of the situation.

Right now there are countless drives to raise money, food, clothing and medical supplies for this embattled nation, our Caribbean brother. At the Spice Family our hearts, prayers and our contributions go out to Haiti and we plead with you, our family, our masqueraders to lend your support to your local organizations, wherever you are in the world you are, to send relief to Haiti.

It will take some time for Haiti to rise from the dust but every little bit helps. So during this time of Carnival revellry please don’t forget to help your fellow man… we are doing our part…you should too. If you are Trinidad and Tobago you can contact Is There Not A Cause (ITNAC) @ itnac.missions@gmail.com or (868)624-4162 to make your contributions. ITNAC has been working with Haiti on an ongoing basis sending aid and relief throughout the year.

Best Regards,
The Spice Team.


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