Zante Yourself

There are words that will come to mind, like exotic, exclusive, extraordinary, exciting, engaging, a fun loving, high-energy type experience. That is ZANTE!

Experience ZANTE ~The Lime Inclusive……… Where the only thing that matters is a great time!

· Always an exotic location (we return to the poolside at the beautiful West Palm Hotel, Chaguaramas for this spectacular event).

· At ZANTE our bar is guaranteed to be unstoppable – Brought to you by B.A.R.S. International and powered by Bryden’s, Hadco, Dasani and Heineken. We boast limitless amounts of JW Green, JW Black, Belvedere vodka, Hennessy, Bailey’s, Hypnotiq, Heineken beer, Yellow Tail wine, Ocean spray, Jagermeister and Goldschlager AND our famous ‘ice block’!
Our resident ‘mixologist’ creates deliciously exciting welcome drinks explicitly per event. This year try our ‘Champagne zeppo’……there is only one word to describe it- WOW!!

· Amazing cuisine- Delectable choices of new twists on mouth watering favorites……certifiably ‘finger lickin good’!!

It doesnt stop there…
All star DJ lineup – CIN, Annonymous (NY) Hi Fidelity Less Than Zero, Jus Jase & Franco (104.1 FM), Pvt. Ryan and Jase (Miami) keep jamming tunes ALL night that keep you ‘winin on anyting’.
JW & Blaze join you at ZANTE´ to keep the pace and make you PALAAAAAANCE!!!!

ZANTE introduces the SOBER limin-zone…, tea, club soda, Cintron energy drink…..all the essentials for a clear head and a safe journey home.

Tuesday before Carnival, February 9th, 2010, 6pm till Midnight.
Only $ 425 TTD/$ 70 USD

Tickets available NOW…….
For more information dial 868-70-ZANTE (92683)
Keith – 388-1367 (SWEET’s Clothing)
Pixi- 741-6185
Steve- 468-3190
Wendell- 678-9378/355-2532
Mario – 756-7642
Rhonda – 701-4568
Sunshine- 499-7702
Pauline – 646-919-5946
Sharon – 679-4270/678-3434 (Clean Cut Salon)
Ramon – 462-6836

From here on when you say ZANTE… smile
The ZANTE experience..where having FUN is mandatory….behavior, well, that’s optional!!!!!!!


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