Valentines Day in Trinidad- Carnival Sunday 2010

So next Sunday is Valentines Day and you are on the Sugar Island! You are with your sweetheart, or you looking for one in the fete! Any how you play it Carnival is love and it will be in the air on Carnival Sunday. Where will be? The choices are many so pick your posion!

You can ring in the day of love at Sunnyside Up Breakfast Party


Michael Headley’s Breakfast Inclusive

and if you were lucky or connected enough to get tickets at Diamond Vale Breakfast Party.

Later on that day the options are still great –

Brian Lara’s All Inclusive Fete

and I Love Mania you can have a lavish Great Party – Great Entertainment – Great Price!

Scotch, Rum, Beer, Vodka & Chasers.

You can also indulge in our ALL INCLUSIVE ALL PREMIUM VIP:
Johnny Walker Black, Smirnoff Vodka, El Dorado Rum, Carib & Stag, All The Chasers and a Wide Variety of Food.

The Valentines Night Edition includes delicious delights for everyone, including CHOCOLATE FOUNTAINS with Fresh Fruits and wafers, COLD STONE CREAMY ICE CREAM stations and other delights!
10 Lucky Couples will also win Dinner for two!

Limited Couples Tickets – Admits 1 girl & 1 guy:
$500. (General Only)Limited 1st Edition Tickets: $260.Limited 1st Edition VIP tickets: $495
Tickets will be out on Friday 15th Jan:
Arief Rafeek 620-3229
Samantha Allen 483-9325
Gisel Laughlin 762-1377
Jason Gokool 763-9876
Nicole Laurayne 486-0265
Shanti Singh 686-1342
Gervais Dattoo 481-4631
Justin Girdharrie 706-8181
Brendon Clement 350-3501
Karan Aswani 744-7523
Sezario Singh 706-9841
Andrew Taylor 678-6970
Samantha Ramischand 756-6382
Vaashish Harrylal 710-9809
Gabriel Nicholas – 710-9808
Irwin hackshaw-499-1639
Kerwin Mc Donald- 747-4500
Kiern Almarales- 744-5635
Leah-Marie Marsang – 774 3171
Mikhail Naipaul- 779 5194
Sacha Bridgelal- 381-9241
Safia Ali- 785-3305
Vasha Jaggernath- 770-4895
Kathryn Hill- 7351705
Daniella Seecharan 4646010
Michelle Nahous 7133521
Ryan Mitchell 682-8388
Misir Ramberran 769-2305
Aaron Loregnard 686-9984
Candice Abraham 683-5098
Razor.Titan 732-9498

2 Comments Add yours

  1. All of us did not attend 2010 carnival in Trinidad. I hope that the economic downturn will be finishing for us the coming year.

  2. TomQuisy says:

    Dear Friends, Happy Valentines Day!!!

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