Carnival Tuesday – Trinidad & Tobago – Parade of the Bands

As I prepare my costume and my accessories for the big show…I am playing my road playlist on my Ipod dock and mentally preparing myself for the bacchanal.

Below are the verses that raise my pores and have me “bouncing on the spot”!

See you on the road and please be safe out there!

Those of you who can’t be here, I promise to have No Behaviour in your honour! Palancing when we on the road!!!!

“It’s Carnival”
Carnival in T&T is so special to all of we
Like we need blood in we veins
That’s how we feel about Port of Spain

We reach the stage we warming up…put your hands them in the air
We gearing up
To take BAND of the YEAR!!!
“Band of the Year” – Patrice Roberts/Machel Montano

All the gyals them wining up, all the bands them lining up, all the costumes lining up…we ready for Mas again…We ready…we ready…we ready…JUMBIE – Machel Montano

My friends…we don’t need no stinking stage…we goh fete in the road…Road Call…find a place…MAKE A STAGE – FayAnn Lyons Alvarez

Happy Carnival – Pictures tonight, early AM for the latest.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss Journey says:

    Great songs! Now I have to go listen to them and pretend I’m there.

  2. Miss Journey says:

    Aw man! How I wish I was there!

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