I Am Sasha and I Palanced in Trinidad!!!

For all BMobile’s shortcomings, (I could write a book, but I will refrain)Beyonce’s first time concert in Trinidad on 18 February 2010, was one for the record books.

An uncontested Diva she is, and in the most average of stadiums, arenas and coliseums, it would be a show worth seeing. But two days after Carnival, in the blazing heat of Port of Spain, Trinidad, the Trinidad flag up on the big screen, and then being waved in the hands of Sasha Fierce as she palanced across the stage was a memorable experience and a fitting end to a splendid Carnival week.

Her tribute to Michael Jackson, tears of gratitude at the fireworks display and her willingness to brave the masses at Club Zen that night also endeared her to people of Trinidad just a little bit more.

Machel Montano’s performance was a bit lackluster for a first time only performance of the just ended 2010 Carnival season, but I will rest the blame for that squarely on the shoulders of whomever the powers that be were that laid out the debacle that was VVIP, VIP and General admission. Montano generally seems to feed off of his audience and when the majority of your audience can’t see you, and you can’t see them, it’s pretty hard for anyone, artiste or audience to get much in the way of vibes. That said, his performance had some very nice touches, the best of which I think for most was our beloved Machel & Destra singing “the best road march song that never was” ‘It’s Carnival’. Both performers were missed throughout the season, and this duet was a treat for those of us able to see it.


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  1. Miss Journey says:

    I saw a few clips of Beyonce’s performance on YouTube and it looked crazy (in the best way possible, of course). Her soca rendition of Check On It was fun, and she gets a million cool points for her segue into Palance!

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