Press Release

“Dare to be different…” In our debut year, RAMAJAY Mas proudly captured the 2nd Place Adult Mas Title (Large Band Category) and the 2nd Place Kiddies Carnival Title (Medium Category). The band, which is managed by TEAM G.B.(GB God Bless Productions and D’Original Divas Entertainment); will be expanding to approximately 800-1000 masqueraders for 2010 with a total of 13 sections. For our sophomore year, we will be competing in the Adult Mas Large Band category, Queen of the Band competition and Kiddies Carnival (Theme: “Winter Wonderland”).


For Labor Day 2010, RAMAJAY Mas will explode in color and excitement at the West Indian Day Carnival Parade as we celebrate the beauty of women worldwide. Our concept will take our masqueraders and parade’s spectators on a journey to showcase & cherish the splendor of Goddesses, Deities and Queens from various genres and historical time periods worldwide. Our goal is to unveil the mystery of these exceptional female figures while embracing the everyday beauty of modern day womanhood. This theme would showcase women of fiery seduction, exceptional grace, outstanding exquisiteness and mystifying power…

RAMAJAY Mas’ vision continues to be more than just a pretty mas band but providing to their customers an EXPERIENCE. Born out of the void of masqueraders not able to have a totally ultra-inclusive experience on the road, our introductory year was dedicated to filling this emptiness. As we expand in our sophomore year, outstanding Customer Service continues to be a key factor to the premier experience presented to RAMAJAY Mas masqueraders. Along with great customer service & breathtaking costumes, RAMAJAY Mas will again extend all the popular amenities of an all-inclusive band such as tasty lunch & snacks, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, roaming photographers, wee-wee truck and the best DJs/Soca artists providing incredible vibes in the ‘All-inclusive Road Party”.

To our past masqueraders we welcome you to take part in this EXPERIENCE once again and to our new friends we invite you to dare to be different as we present to NY & the rest of the world for Labor Day 2010—LA FEMME: Reveal the Mystery of Woman….


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