Message from Island People Mas

Good Day my Island People, Hope all is well with you….. So what’s on your mind, Carnival 2011? Are you thinking of the SHADES OF THE UNIVERSE? What shade do you see yourself in carnival Monday and Tuesday?…Because we are busy putting things in place for 2011, designs, costumes, launch… Have you ever envisioned a costume design and wanted to see it on the streets of Port of Spain? Stay tuned… And just in case you didn’t get our information updates we are now at 50 Oconner Street, Port Of Spain and our contact numbers are 622-9857, 622-8145. Have you had any recent changes to your contact details, please update us so we can keep you in the know. ALSO: ISLAND PEOPLE THE MAS will be roaming this year, we will be representing in Barbados, New York and who knows where else our creativity will take us, the good news is where ever we go, you our Masqueraders are more than welcome to follow our Vibe. IP MAS…the fun has just begun!


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  1. Kyla Blackman says:

    If you ever need an extra hand in making costumes feel free to contact me. I can do weekends as I work Mon to Fri. 8 to 4pm. 750-4765

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