Ki-Leah Cosmetic Design

Carnival Lashes are getting hotter every year…

check out these Shu Uemora’s Lashes from their Lash Bar and Make-up Forever Lashes for the craziest and sexiest lashes on de road. The summer is filled with Carnival festivities all over the Caribbean and USA. Pose off and be daring with feathers and even flower alternatives.

For those who are still some what conservative you may want to stick to a look similar to Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. Their lashes are long and luscious but still extremely elegant.

But hey if your playing mas you may as well go all the way, Right? So even if you have a make-up artist search for gems and lashes prior to your big day. That way you are prepared mentally for the look your going for. Also shopping for lashes and gems is quite a bit of fun. lol

Stick to a strip rather than individuals it’s simpler and faster. They are easier to remove and when you’re in that heat you don’t want anything complicated. Have fun and see all you sexy Tings on de road.


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