Minister of The Arts and Multiculturalism Gypsy says “Bring yuh mas and come”

You can play mas free on the streets of Port of Spain for Carnival 2011.

This was announced yesterday by Minister of The Arts and Multiculturalism, Winston “Gypsy” Peters.

The Ministry of Multiculturalism will provide music trucks and anyone interested can play mas in the band that will require only that one wears some form of costume.
Read entire article here

As great as this sounds, my very first thought was SECURITY!!!! Frankly, the Trinidad government does not make me feel by any means safe on a regular day, far less on the road in a panty and bra!

If Minister Peters is serious about this idea, I think that the committee should either be working night and day to lay out a detailed plan that includes route, bathroom options, where to stop to eat, and SECURITY measures. If they can’t manage to do this by January, I think they ought to table it until 2012 by which time they should have figured most of it out and for 2011 concentrate on bringing back the STAGE!!!

Just my two cents…feel free to weigh in!


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