To Wee Wee or not to Wee Wee

As Carnival 2011 steadily approaches, the discussion about the Wee Wee Trucks is back on. I can’t say that this is a matter close to my heart, as I find the entire thing a little amusing. Somehow my body is able to halt the need to “wee wee” while I am playing mas. I think I am burning fluids just about as quickly as I am taking them in all day, so I am usually just fine. However, this is a serious issue for many.

Minister “Gypsy” Peters has stated that “I don’t want it and we’re not having it,”. He called the Wee Wee trucks “unsanitary” and says that they will not be a part of Carnival 2011.

Some concerned masqueraders aren’t taking it lightly. If this situation is a major concern, you can sign the petition that was started that addresses the end of the “wee wee” truck as well as many other proposals made by Minister Peters.

I don’t know that it will change anything, but I’m a firm believer in making your voice heard!


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