Sunny Side Up and Break Biche 2011

Happy New Year from the promoters of Sunny Side Up Premium All Inclusive Breakfast Party and Break Biche.

We at Sunny Side Up are continuing to raise the bar of our Premium events for 2011. We have recently partnered with two schools to produce a high standard of events for the season. These events will help raise funds for the school 2011 academic year as well as create awareness and loyalty to the schools.

Sunny Side Up has also embarked on a continued drive to improving our delivery options for our signature events. A Johnnie Walker GREEN bar accompanied by Hennessy PURE will be introduced at Sunny Side Up, Johnnie Walk Black will be added to Break Biche for 2011. The food options will also be increased throughout the events.

You will also notice that we are improving our means of communication with you our family and friends via our website, email, facebook and most recently black berry messenger in an effort to keep you in the know of all our events.

So put away all your inhibitions as we celebrate the carnival season together as family and friends….

Tickets are presently available for all our events including the fund raiser events for the schools . Information for all our events can be found on our website


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