Carnival of Binche – Belgium

Binche is a medieval town in the country of Belgium with about 32,000 residents. That population grows significantly during the Carnival of Binche. It is very popular with the citizens of nearby France. Rooted in the tradition of the Catholic carnivals, the Carnival dates back to the early 15th century, making it one of the oldest street carnivals in Europe, according to UNESCO. The Carnival of Binche was appointed to the World Heritage List.

Shrove Sunday is the official start of the Carnival there, but preparations begin up to a month before. There are costumed balls, drum parades and roving “Mam’selles” (men dressed up in elaborate female clothing).

For more information on this Carnival please check here.


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  1. Debra St. Louis says:

    Hello: I , my husband and three daughters have all ordered customes and have made down payments, but my husband and I didn’t get the custome order detail, food, etc e-mail…….my niece will be paying for and picking up our customes this Friday…….that is the one thing that is missing for me and my husband, Phillip St. Louis……please write back. thanks

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