National Panorama Finalists 2011

Large Bands
PCS Silver Stars (270 points)
Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove (270 points)
Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars (269 points)
Sagicor Exodus (264 points)

NLCB Fonclaire (262 points)
Desperadoes (260 points)
Caribbean Airlines Invaders (259 points)
Petrotrin Siparia Deltones (256 points)
Starlift (253 points)
RBC/RBTT Redemption Soundsetters (250 points)
T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps (249 points)
Solo Harmonites (247 points)
BP Renegades (243 points)
TCL Group Skiffle Bunch (241 points)
Birdsong (239 points)
Our Boys (239 points)

Medium Bands
Katzenjammers (264 points)
Tobago Buccooneers (263 points)
Pamberi (262 points)
Sound Specialists of Laventille (259 points)
Valley Harps (258 points)
Pan Elders (252 points)
Arima Angel Harps (252 points)
Steel Xplosion (251 points)
Sangre Grande Cordettes (250 points)
Power Starts (250 points)

Small Bands
Arima Golden Symphony (263 points)
Merry Tones (261 points)
Tornadoes (261 points)
Golden Hands (259 points)
St Margaret’s Superstars (256 points)
Southern Marines (253 points)
Longdenville Claytones (252 points)
Old Tech (250 points)
Tamana Pioneers (249 points)
Panosonic Connection (248 points)
Codrington Family (248 points)
Tipica (245 points)
San City Steel Symphony (244 points)
Fascinators Pan Symphony (243 points)

Log on to for details times and dates of the Panorama Finals.


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