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Person who lost most weight using SocaMotion workouts and Caribbean recipes to be announced on February 26th.

Brooklyn, NY, February 22, 2011 — The winner of the the SocaSLIMDOWN™ Weight Loss Challenge and a vacation in Tobago will be announced on Saturday, 26 February, 2011 at 1 pm at 1128 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY. The SocaSLIMDOWN is a competition similar to the “Biggest Loser” TV show that provides great monthly and final prizes to motivate healthy weight loss over 5 months using Caribbean food and fun workouts by SocaMotion. Only one will be chosen based on the greatest percentage of weight lost out of a field of 15 participants this coming weekend to win a 5-night stay at Birdie’s Nest Guesthouse in Tobago, W.I.. The finale will feature food by Super Wings NY, winner of Bobby Flay’s Throwdown on Food Network and “Best Wings in Brooklyn 2010”, and music provided by Spice Jamz Radio from Brooklyn.

Both the SocaSLIMDOWN weight loss challenge and the SocaMotion workout series were developed by founder Onya West in order to motivate people to lead healthy lives without having to suffer through boring routines or eat bland food. This SocaSLIMDOWN began in October 2010 at the second branch of New You Aerobics and Fitness in Crown Heights and was a simple program of changing eating habits, fun Caribbean workouts that change with the season, and motivating progress through friendly competition and great prizes. The Grand Prize to be awarded will include the vacation at Birdie’s Nest in Tobago, a 1-year gym membership with 5 personal training sessions at New You Aerobics and Fitness, and luxury bath products by The Sud Bar, an organic line by chemist Charmaine Gillespie.

Last Fall, smaller prizes were offered each month to the person who lost the largest increment of weight measured in order to fuel change and competition among the participants. The prizes included a free massage by licensed massage therapist, Frances Elcott-Dunston, and a gift voucher from the House of Hair salon and spa located at 615 Washington Ave in Brooklyn. As the winter weather set in, motivation was sustained through monthly meetings, emails and phone contact by Ms. West. The winner persevered through temptations over the holiday to lose the greatest percentage of weight without assistance of chemicals or other programs in time for the finale to be held just a week before Trinidad Carnival.

Healthy weight loss was also encouraged through participation in SocaMotion exercise classes. SocaMotion is a fitness movement started by Onya West in June 2010 as a way to feature energetic soca music and develop routines using unique Caribbean moves. The workouts change every season to keep things fresh and incorporate different types of exercise. Ms. West, who has a background in dance, sports and health, teamed up with a group of Caribbean Americans with backgrounds in dance and fitness to lead the various classes at locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. These classes will continue indoors and outdoors throughout the year and there will be another round of the SocaSLIMDOWN Weight Loss Challenge that will start in April 2011 and end in time for Labor Day Carnival in New York.

For more information, visit the website, email Onya West at or call (347) 560-9210. More information is also available on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (@socamotion1).


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