Machel Montano HD – The Return…in Review

This was for all intents and purposes my first fete of the season in Trinidad. I had been there for two days but after waiting forever to get my luggage on Saturday night, I just wasn’t up for any fetes and just glad to take in the Trini air and see my family!

On Monday, other key members of my crew arrived and we were officially hyped, I had had my first roti of the trip and was feeling ready to go burn off my carbs.Β  We had decided to pre-game before the fete since all Platinum provided was a fence warding you off from the rest of the crowd or as we called it the “Gunta Section”.

We found parking without much ado, and entered the Stadium to find quite a large crowd!

There was a booth giving away shots of Angostura Single Barrel which luckily was what we had been drinking in the parking lot, so it was just a case of “more rum for me”! We remained on the side for the opening acts and just caught friends as they were walking in, took pictures and had a great time.

As the countdown to Machel and HD began a few of us made our way to the front. No easy feat! But we made it. We were not let down, the usual lights and action and energy accompanied the performance which was full of special guests. The tribute to Calypso Rose and the Mighty Sparrow were very sweet even with Lara putting on Sparrow’s crown upside down. Rose seemed particularly touched by the ceremony and it was nice to take a moment to honour them.

I was a big fan of the Walker era, so that was also great for me to sing at the top of my lungs and remember when we were all a little younger. Machel did an amazing job of losing the weight as promised, although the white pants was just a bit tight for my taste, and his waist is not as loose as it used to be!

All the flag crews came out to represent as always and all in all it was a good time. I expected Road March and was one of the few actually pleased at his Soca Monarch win. Return indeed!

For more pictures click here.


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