Panorama 2011 Finals

Congratulations to Neal & Massy Trinidad  All Stars!  2011 Panorama Winners.

Playing It’s Showtime  composed by Daniell/Pouchet  and arranged by Leon Smooth Edwards  

2 Sagicor Exodus      276

3 PCS Silver Stars        275

4 Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove   Do Something For Pan      273

4 Caribbean Airlines Invaders       273

6 NLCB Fonclaire           Raging Storm                       Winston Scarborough  Ken Philmore      271

7 WITCO Desperadoes   Trini        Rodney LeBlanc      Griffith/Quarless/Robley    270

7 Petrotrin Siparia Deltones          Trini                     Rodney LeBlanc          Carlton Alexander         270

9 RBC/RBTT Redemption Soundsetters                      Showtime                  Pouchet/Daniell   Winston Gordon                         268

10                                Starlift                                 In She Rainorama       Winston Scarborough   Liam Teague              265


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