Sesame Flyers – Brazilia for the Love Of Carnival

Sesame Flyers lnternational, Inc. launched their 2011 Labor Day Presentation of Brazilia – For the Love of Carnival on Saturday in Brooklyn. The costumes have a vibrant range of colours, and you can really see where they were going for a Brazil theme.

The costumes as always include the designs by Big Mike of Legacy. There are also very notable designs by Wideshut, Exotica, Akin Styles, Caribbean Passion, and Natural Freaks to name just a few.

Buzz is that “frontline” and/or individual costumes in some sections will be crossing the $1000 mark!!! I’m sure more details will trickle in sooner than later.

The bar has been set for Eastern Parkway’s Labor Day Parade 2011, so I look forward to seeing more costumes as the months go by.

For more pictures of Sesame Flyers launch check out fabulous photos on The Magic Moments facebook page HERE!


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