Ramajay Mas presents Night of A Thousand Dreams – 2011

Costumes, Costumes, Costumes! Nothing makes me happier, and while I wait not so patiently for the Trinidad Carnival 2012 season to get in gear, I have my fill of costumes to ooh and aah at!

Sunday night, Ramajay Mas launched their presentation of “Night of a Thousand Dreams”. The costumes are fabulous and it is good to see lots of colour and bling coming out at these launches for Labor Day. Many of the costumes are reminiscent of sections in various bands in Trinidad, but I am okay with that, because in my mind Trinidad is still the mother of the Mas, and the North American Carnivals it’s babies, spreading the Carnival creed. The Labor Day parade needed the face lift. Hopefully people register in large numbers and the Parkway can return to what I knew it to be as a child. Not just a bunch of people waving a flag.

My Ramajay Mas standouts are:
City of Lights – Caribbean Touch Association (CTA)

Emerald Dreams – Frienz Promotions

Sinfully Sweet – Fatal Angels

Freedom Wings – Team GB

Ramajay Mas will be open for registration beginning on Friday or you can log on to their site www.ramajaymas.com

Please check out The Magic Moments album on facebook. They are capturing terrific images of these launches!


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