Take me to…Tribe Carnival 2012

I set my reminder on my blackberry, got myself a snack, and sat up with some friends via bbm to see the costumes. I can’t say it enough. I love costumes. I may not opt to play in one band or another, but always I want to see the Mas.

Upon the release of the theme a couple weeks ago I was already a little disappointed, because I knew that “Take me to” would be destinations, and one way or the other we would see an African, an Asian, North American, South American and European entries. I still had some anticipation left though, because I figured that maybe, just maybe this would go in a direction we had yet to experience. On Friday as news of Johannesburg and Fiji trickled through my Twitter feed, I felt let down, but still I was up at midnight, ready to give the benefit of the doubt because I love Mas!

During the launch I was really confused as to why there seemed to be no backline costumes. Could those really huge plumes be the frontline and not individuals? (Glad to know now that there are some backlines, but the irony is not lost on me of why they didn’t bother to show them.)


Now it’s Monday , and while I could have said this all yesterday, I decided to get back my lost hours of sleep, and then scour the internet for the various pictures from the launch so that I could see additional angles and close-ups, I mean hey, it was late night and I was viewing on a computer screen, maybe I’d missed something. Alas, what I missed was just as well.I have read two other reviews and endless comments on facebook and Twitter. The majority opinion is lackluster. Much like the costumes. Sandra Hordatt – KUDOS to you‼! Your CYPRUS costume is fabulous, and is what I expected to see across the board from Tribe. Monique Nobrega’s IBIZIA costume is my second favorite, I generally am not drawn to red, but this costume is eye catching, not totally unique as I’ve seen similar costumes in other colors, but it’s a hot costume all the same. I get Vegas from the VEGAS costume, but not a fan of the color choice for it. It’s not a color that flatters all skin tones, so it will only look nice on some people. RIO- all I can say is I hope the people that judged Trinidad No# 1 in World Carnivals, and Rio No# 3 this year don’t get a gander of it. It’s big, and it’s feathery, but it is no Rio. JOHANESSBURG – really? Animal Print? That’s the best you could come up with Mr. Elias? It’s a nice costume, but it’s oh so cliché.


I’m not even going to bother to mention the men, since clearly nobody bothered to design for them. There was one amazing Individual male costume, DUBAI.


Tribe has a system that works for them. Their diehards are oohing and aahing right now and making their arrangements to insure they get into their sections.
C’est la vie … Who’s up Next?

Check out Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Costume Photoson facebooks for photos.


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