Trinidad Carnival 2012 Band Launchings

So many costumes! Only two days to play MAS!

Here is a list of some of the upcoming bands scheduled to launch for 2012:

    Bliss Carnival – “Take me to”


$300 tickets available to 2011 Bliss Masqueraders ONLY. Limit of two tickets per masquerader.
Contact Committee Members or the Bliss Mas Camp for more information.

Aeron Kalloo 737-4077 | Brendon Clement 687-6871 | Cherrise Alexander 756-6865 | Danielle Boucaud 682-9766 | Dexter McShine 740-6088 | Gillian de Freitas 758-7477 | James Phillips 683-0822 | Jason Mollineaux 744-8195 | Joel Lynch 678-6172 | Kendall Sharpe 670-9456 | Kimberly Ella Tang 685-0363 | Kristi-Anne Chin 682-8835 | Mark Deane 740-2551 | Rian Ramrattan 714-4309

    IslandPeople Mas – “Heros”

Love the little story! Very clever.
Tickets go on sale today. Launch Friday, 05 August 2011 Location: Westopia, Chaguaramas

    Oasis Carnival – “Nippon”

August 5th Anchorage Beach Club – Advance Tickets $125. Check committee members or our Mas Camp #32 Rosalino Street Woodbrook, Tel #625-4624 or 48OASIS(62747)

    Fantasy Carnival – “Book of Angels”

Saturday, August 6 at the O2 Park in Chaguaramas.
For more information on the band read article HERE.

    YUMA Vibe is scheduled to launch on 12 August, but details as to where, when and ticket prices have yet to be made public.
    I will post as soon as I know.

    Harts – “Wrath of the Gods”

Harts Band Launch – Cooler Fete at the Anchorage on Friday, August 12 at 9:00pm Early Bird Tickets – $175 Very cool clip on their homepage


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