Book of Angels – Fantasy Carnival 2012

Join Fantasy Carnival as we introduce to you the story behind the world’s first Fantasy..

On Saturday 6th August, 2011 we look to the West as celestial and mortal Beings embody the splendour, seduction and revelry of our Carnival culture.

Fantasy Carnival presents the 2012 Bandlaunch Première: “Book of Angels”

This is a Free Drinks event (Rum, Beer, Vodka, Cocktails & Chasers)

Our Gates open at 9:00pm and Heavenly shots will also be served to our patrons!

Let DJ Dane and Hollywood Sachy provide you with great musical entertainment as the excitement builds for the presentation of costumes that represent the 12 Choirs!

Contact​ or​m to get your Limited Adv.$240 tickets.

Also, stay tuned to for more information on our “Make Your Fantasy a Reality” competition!


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  1. clarissa hamilton says:

    i want see

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