My Carnival Fantasy – Book of Angels – 2012

I feel as though Fantasy Carnival has somehow woke us all up for Trinidad Carnival 2012! Of course bands have launched already Spice, DKrewe, Oasis, and there is the usual Tribe/Bliss buzz with a dose of hissing and boos this year, and while there is lots of anticipation of Yuma’s sophomore presentation, and Island People Mas is always out of the box with their themes and portrayals, Fantasy has snuck in and given people kind of what they want, even if they say they don’t. BBF to the Max! Bikinis, Beads and Feathers all within a theme we can relate to – because who doesn’t know that angels are really pretty with lovely wings! You see Virtues and you think ANGEL!
While ideally I’d love to see a band really go out on a limb with color combos (looking forward to the costume previewed by YUMA in July), I like the splash of green in the Seraphim costume, love the shades of pink and purple in the Principalities costume, and I haven’t seen a black costume I like as much as Ophanim since Island People’s Jumbie.

    All 12 “Choirs” are impressive in their own right, and there is definitely more than one I would love to wear. I do hope they decide to allow people some freedom between backline and frontline as far as headpiece choices, as people want different things and everyone deserves to live out their Carnival costume fantasy.

    I know very little about what to expect as far as service and vibes on the road with this new band, but I am impressed with little things so far, such as, the personalization in the responses to even the most random facebook post and the fact that the site is up and running so soon after their launch and very modern.

    I know some people that played with Fantasy J’ouvert, and they had nothing but good reports. That said, my friends are all very interested in seeing the prices and package that Fantasy will be offering for 2012. Whether we decide to join them or not I wish them nothing but the best! Stay tuned to their website and check them out on facebook for current information.


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