Anya for Project Runway Season 9 Fan Favorite

Where do I begin?!!!

In general I’m no big fan of reality television. I love Food Network, and watched Wedding Channel when I was getting married, and all baby shows when I was pregnant. I guess I am pretty practical, and if it’s going to be reality it has to have some logical appeal to me. My only guilty pleasure of scandal and drama on TV is General Hospital!

That said, it was no surprise that I have never in my life watched Project Runway until this season when Trinidad and Tobago’s former Miss Trinidad Anya Ayoung-Chee became a designer on the show. Anya is a friend of many of my friends, and I’d met her in passing a few times, before she was Miss Trinidad, before she launched her clothing line Pilar in Trinidad, before the sex tape nonsense, before Project Runway. I happened to be following her on Twitter when she tweeted she was applying to the show and had forgotten all about it until I saw Heidi Klum talking about her on a morning show. Even if she were a complete stranger, I tend support to my fellow Trinis without restraint. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Project Runway show interesting and low enough on exaggerated drama that I could tolerate it even if Anya weren’t on it. However, Anya IS on it. And while I can’t do anything but keep fingers crossed, pray to “Reggae Jesus” and wish her well each week in the challenges, (she’s won two so far!) I do have the power to vote for her on Twitter for Fan Favorite. (See HERE for Project Runway Fan Favorite details)

I have stated on Twitter that I am not a fan, I am a supporter. I want to see her do well. That scandal could not have been easy, and she has an amazing sense of style and I mean hey, she’s from Trinidad! Why wouldn’t I support her. She has gone up against a group of people with more experience than her and held her own very well. I think that her being on the show and doing well is great for Trinidad as it gives exposure to our world of fashion and I’m all for good publicity.

I’ve been on a relentless Twitter campaign with some other dedicated fans/supporters and while she held the lead for quite some time, it seems that the recently outsed Anthony Ryan and his fan base have resorted to mulitple accounts and bulk tweeting to put him in the lead and attempt to keep him there. I can understand their motivation, but is it a match for mine? I guess we won’t know until the last tweet has been counted at the end of the season.

I urge you to watch Project Runway as it’s a pretty wholesome well intentioned show, that has it’s laugh out loud moments. I urge those of you that have Twitter to support Anya as she’s promised the $10,000 Fan Favorite prize would be given to children’s charitable organization(s) if she wins it. I said a few days ago on Twitter that I would blog about this, and try to garner additional support, and talk is cheap so I’m putting this up in an effort to spread the word. By the way, in a recent L’Oreal challenge she won a photo spread in Marie Claire magazine. Look out for it. Together we aspire, together we acheive. Live it!

#PR9anya for Project Runway Season 9 Fan Favorite. Simple as that!


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