Santification – Mac Farlane 2012

Brian MacFarlane has launched his 2012 presentation of Santification – “In Search Of” sans costumes, and used drawings. I must say that little is lost by his use of art over material. I love that the entire band is red, white and black, and I am also very amused at the cynical choice of title for the beaded bikini section – “Salacious” which is defined on their site as Lustful, Obscene and Grossly Independent. Point taken.

I’m going to see if I can find them on the road, because I want to see who opts for the penis costumes, both the single and double head ones, named “Lecherous” and “Luxira”, respectively. All in all nothing less than I have come to expect. One of these years I will sit and actually watch them cross the stage. Full Site Launching Soon.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Charmaine Stephen Brutus says:

    macfarlane love u.

  2. Charmaine Stephen Brutus says:

    i love u macfarlane your costumes are great.

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