Ready Yuhself! The Ultimate Lime takes two!

Still new to the Trinidad Carnival fete line up, The Ultimate Lime will be having their sophomore presentation event at The Hyatt Regency Hotel on the waterfront in Port of Spain. For 2011 the fete lived up to the hype and was everything you could want in a fete and more. From beginning to end the fete was seamless. Easy purchase of tickets online or directly at the hotel (tickets were available at the Hyatt the day of), facilitated both locals and overseas patrons, no begging a friend to beg a friend, no running down people, sending money Western Union, or paying some service a fee to get your ticket online, and then still having to collect your tickets after you land. Upon entering you were made to feel special walking the carpet to the, greeted with gifts and hand passed Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails at the entrance as you walked in. This part was reminiscent of Salybia, but without the 2 hour drive! The décor was not overdone, it was great to have the water in front of you and the party just seemed to span forever to the left and to the right of you. I think Lime had the biggest bar I’ve ever seen, a huge variety of drinks, dedicated bars, foods, and desserts. The patrons were diverse in age and the entertainment did a good job to catering to us all. The water show was different and refreshing. My one complaint would be that the people not in white or lime should have been given a big white sheet to cover their silly faces and bodies!

Anywho, The Ultimate Lime launched their 2012 site today and tickets will be available for purchase via credit card online and cash or credit will be accepted at the Hyatt in Trinidad. Talk is that there will be a dedicated sushi bar, live lobster selection and you can save the trees and walk with your ticket in your smartphone. Smart! If you missed it for 2011, do yourself a favor and check it out for 2012. View pictures for 2011 HERE . Follow @theultimatelime on Twitter, they have been the most accessible Trinidad event promotion I have ever encountered, and I’ve encountered quite a few.

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