Sunny Side Up (SSU) Fete Update

Got this email today:

Season Greetings Sunny Side Up Crew,

Time is drawing near for the ticket release date for the most anticipated Breakfast event for Carnival 2012. And we can tell that you are very excited as well by the large number of emails and bbm questions we have received thus far.

So as we stated in our last communication to you we are staying in Diego Martin and the new venue is no more than five (5) minutes away (hint, hint). The venue can also boast to be much more comfortable, accessible and easily securable than our previous venue.

Because our new venue lends itself to be more comfortable we have decided to add more of everything. Yes that is correct you get more. More food and more premium drinks options. The only thing that would be less is the price. We have decided that there will not be any price increases for Sunny Side Up 2012. Single tickets along with couple tickets and our recently introduced Penthouse tickets will remain the same as this year (2011).
Tickets will go on sale by the end of December and can be purchased from any of our authorized committee members listed on our website and facebook. Tickets can also be purchased in New York via NY Caribbean Vibes and their authorized committee members. We are also exploring other options to make ticket purchases less a hassle for you our friends and family in major cities worldwide.
So stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to Carnival Sunday (February 19th 2012)

And remember feel free to contact me at with any questions you would like answered.


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