Sunny Side Up clears “UP” the rumors

Happy New Year Sunny Side Up Crew,

Recent feedback indicates that a grave misconception is circulating that Sunny Side Up has been rebranded to another name. Unfortunately, this untruth is a marketing ploy by the members of the Palm Avenue Residents Association (PARA) to promote their new carnival event – Palm Avenue was our former venue. Their intent is to confuse our loyal patrons, friends and family with a fete called UP hosted in the location that was formerly our home for the last six (6) years.
Carnival 2012 will see a new and exciting venue for Sunny Side Up. We are thrilled about our new location at the St Michael’s Parish Hall, on Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard. And NO people, it is not a “Hall” but a large breezy open air venue complete with a beautiful tailored lawn, lush greenery and beautiful palm trees.
The PARA event on Palm Avenue is in NO way affiliated with Sunny Side Up. It is not a “break away” event and definitely not the same party. In addition to this, no Sunny Side Up committee members are involved with the breakfast party called UP. UP is being organized by PARA and therefore is a new promotion for Carnival 2012.
So please be guided accordingly. The Sunny Side Up friends and family wish them the best in their endeavors.
For more info on our events visit us at


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