UP the UBER PRAMIE Breakfast Party

Just so you have a fair choice in the matter. This is ‘UP’. It’s your money and the party choice is always yours!

ÜBER PRÄMIE Breakfast Party – Palm Avenue, Petit Valley

Sunday February 19th, 2012
Ph: 623-2866/783-8788

Über \ˈue-bər\

1: being a superlative example of its kind or class

2: to an extreme or excessive degree

Prämie \ˈPrä•mie\

German to English Translation – Premium


relating to or denoting a commodity or product of superior quality

Tickets – Single $700TT $130US Couple* $1,200TT $220US ÜP Loft (VVIP Area) $1,000 $180
* The Couple Ticket allows for either male/female or female/female couples

What’s ÜP?

“ÜP – the Event” will be the quintessential party experience for the 2012 Carnival Season. From the time you enter until the final guest departs, this is the fête to beat this season! Fire Breathers! Soca Superstars! DJs! Rhythm Sections! This Über Premium event takes full advantage of the serenity of a residential area, mixed in with the aroma of great food, first-class drink and service, and company like nowhere else!

At the ÜP Event, safety will always take first place. With ample Parking and Security, party-goers will rest assured of their safety. All measures are being taken to ensure the über experience – including Ambulance services (should there be need for emergency care) to Guard Dogs, this event places more emphasis on the customers’ safety, comfort and enjoyment than any other.

So, join us at ÜP – The Definitive Party Adventure and the Über Premium Bash of the season!

THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE PARTYThe ÜPstarts…The Team behind the Brand is as follows:
Ian Wiltshire: Concept, Design & Event Director
David Smith: Operations Director
Charmaine Cedeno: Public Relations Director
Giselle E. Langton: Administrator/Event Coordinator
Mervyn de Goeas: Event Coordinator/Design Associate

“FIRE ÜP!” – As you enter the party, you are welcomed at the “Fire ÜP” area. At this point, you are greeted by Fire-breathers and drummers to welcome you. You will then be invited to “fire one!” with a welcome drink – or an “ÜPshot!” as it will be called. The “ÜPshot” will be a shot of the über best!

“DRINK ÜP!” – General Area Bars placed around the fête.

“CHARGE ÜP!” – at the easily accessible Food Court.
“ÜPStage” – Here you will be enjoy our specially invited bands.
“FRESHEN ÜP!” – at our Bathrooms and Washroom Facilities
“SOBER ÜP!” – As the party comes to its finale, the zone originally known as the “FIRE ÜP!” zone is transformed into “TIME ÜP!” zone – or the sober zone.  Here guests will be treated to coffee, teas, water, soups, soft drinks, etc.

Meet the ÜP Chefs…In 1996 Chef Debra Sardinha-Metivier earned the first Madeline Kamman Award from the International Association of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs. One year later, she was selected as the first female captain of the Trinidad and Tobago Culinary Team for CHA’s Caribbean Hotel Association “Taste of the Caribbean”. Currently she owns and operates her own catering and consulting firm called DSM.

Chef Yvan Aquing has been involved in the food industry in Trinidad & Tobago since age nine. At sixteen he opened his first store – a Roti Shop. He attended George Brown College in Toronto, Canada, majoring in Culinary Arts. Chef Aquing was employed as a Sous Chef at the Hyatt for two years and is currently the owner and Head Chef of his very own restaurant, Ipanema.

The ÜP Breakfast MenuBreakfast served at the Premium Stations:
Assorted Breads, Old-Fashioned Coconut Bake, Sada Roti, Saltfish, Smoked Herring, a Selection of Sausages, Pancakes, Hash Browns, Personalized Omelets made on-the-spot at The Egg Station, Choka – Tomato, Pumpkin, Baigan (Eggplant), Corn Soup, Assorted Cereals, A Selection of Fruit

Breakfast served at the VVIP Stations:
Ceviche, Caviar, Sushi, Designer Omelets, Gourmet Doubles, Champagne Bar

Overseas ticket purchases questions can be directed to the email address – tickets@upevents-tt.com.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. G langton says:

    we look forward to seeing you there!

  2. Alicia Wilson says:

    I really hope UP is an upgrade to Sunnyside Up, as it’s a custom for my group and I, tralleving from Arima to attend the latter. For the past two (2) years we’ve been disappointed with Sunnyside Up and decided this year to make a change…I look forward to a refreshing change…hot meals and definitely a better bar….

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