New Music Monday! Download Now!

I’ve been slacking off with posting new music these past few weeks, the music is coming fast and furious and although I’ve been enjoying it all I haven’t been sharing. I am going to try to fix that today and throughout this week. Expect a barrage of 2012 soca. The hardest part is deciding what to post first. I think I will just start with my personal favorites in this post and then I will continue from there. Enjoy!

This song Reveling by Machel Montano is currently my favorite. When it plays, if I close my eyes I’m about to cross the stage and it just plain makes me happy. I’m pretty sure this isn’t Mr. Montano’s only road worthy offering, but it’s an amazing start.

Click HERE to Download!!!

A close second for me is FayAnn Lyon’s Miss Behave. I love everything about this song except that I will not be physically dropping on the ground and rolling, although I am anxious to see who will do it and I will applaud them, because I wish I could!

Click HERE to Download!!!

The title of of this song threw me off, a little long for a Soca Song, but its such a cool vibe, I love the different speeds and the lyrics are pretty much the truth about Carnival!

Click HERE to Download!!!

The first time I heard this song I didn’t think much of it. I don’t know if it was that after Reveling it felt anti-climatic, or that I was listening to it on cheap headphones really low on my MWorld App on the blackberry, in the middle of getting ready for the New Year to ring in. Listening a couple days later, my mind was totally changed. I love this song!

Click HERE to Download!!!


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