More news from SunnySide Up (SSU)

Again some information from SSU crew to keep you informed about the changes to the event. See below.
Sunny Side Up Crew,

With a little over one month to go before Carnival, as expected, Sunny Side Up tickets are a hot commodity right now. This year brings some majors changes as you may already know. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to address all of your concerns and questions as best possible.

First of all, yes the St. Michael’s Parish Grounds is the property of the Church. However, the Church services will be relocated for the Carnival weekend. The proceeds earned from our event will actually benefit the St. Michael’s building fund.We know that you will fall in love with the grounds. Our design plans provide a panoramic view of the performances on stage. And, the striking trees and landscaping will give you and your crew ample choices to setup a vantage point to enjoy the event. Take a look at the pictures of the venue that was included in this communication.

SSU will live up to your expectations of an endless supply of a variety of food, large limitless bars and quality entertainment. Our trademark foam machine and water surprises are still on the menu. The newest element, the Penthouse section, will provide exclusive access to top-shelf liquor and gourmet food items as well as private bathroom facilities. The lush green lawn is beautiful, but we are installing protective flooring that benefits the facility as well as our patrons. We do still advise that ladies wear appropriate footwear for grass.

Another concern we addressed is parking for the event. Secure parking will be provided for Sunny Side Up patrons at the school located opposite the venue. A small contribution for parking will be given directly to the school. SSU will not profit from this fee. To ensure a smooth flow of traffic to and from the event, we will also implement a sensible traffic management plan.
Our patrons who have become familiar with our events over the years know that they have always walked out (or been carried out) of the Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party satisfied that we have fulfilled our promises on a consistent basis. We know what you desire a quality breakfast party and are confident that you will be pleased with the new changes this year.

You can continue to contact our committee members with any additional questions. Just remember, the excitement continues to build. The response this year has been overwhelming and tickets are going quickly, don’t wait and don’t hesitate, get your tickets now.

For more info on our events visit us at
Follow us on twitter @sunnysideuptt
PING us on 30D58996
Tele: 868 70SUNNY


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