Trinidad Carnival Fete Schedule 2012 * – Updated

Trinidad Carnival Fete List 2012 Calendar

What is Trinidad Carnival without the Fetes??!!!

Friday 20th January 2012
Gulf View All-Inclusive – San Fernando
St. Francois Girls College All Inclusive – Port of Spain

Saturday 21st January 2012
Bishops All Inclusive
Soaka Cooler Fete

Sunday 22nd January 2012
Zangalewa – It’s Time for Africa – UWI All Inclusive Carnival Fete
One Fete

Wednesday 25th January 2012
Normandie Under the Trees – Kes the Band in Concert

Friday 27th January 2012
Hott 93 Fete
Soca on D Hill All Inclusive, Arima

Saturday 28th February 2012
Blue Flame All Inclusive
Fete With the Saints- St Mary’s All Inclusive

Sunday296th February 2012
Soca Monarch Semi Finals – Arima
Yorke All Inclusive – Ortinola

Friday 3rd February 2012
Ladies First – Chagaramus

Saturday 4th February 2012
Chutney Soca Monarch – Skinner Park
Republic Bank All-Inclusive
Wasa Fete
Central Bank All Inclusive

Sunday 5th February 2012
Panorama Semi Finals – Queens Park Savannah

Friday 10th February 2012
Army Fete
Misty Ridge
Girls Night Out – Wow
Saturday 11th February 2012
Fatima College All Inclusive
Karma Sutra – Maraval
Chutney Brass
Rama – 96.7
Yuma – Neon

Sunday 12th February 2012
Hysteria – Chaguaramus
Mirage All Inclusive
Friends to the Max

Monday 13th February 2012
(PNM) Fete – Port of Spain
Machel Monday- National Stadium
Mardi Gras

Tuesday 14th February 2012
Eyes Wide Shut – Queen’s Park Oval
Zante – “Champagne and Chocolate” –
@the Venue, 16 Rust Street, St. Clair
Fall out All-Inclusive –“ La Soledad” – Maracus, St. Joseph

Wednesday 15nd February 2012
LIME The Ultra Inclusive – Waterfront, Hyatt Regency Hotel
S.O.S. -Dutch Inclusive (La Flor)– The Anchorage
Bacchanal Wednesday
Een de Mas

Thursday 16th February 2012
Beach House – All-Inclusive – Couva
Escape to the Sanctuary – All-Inclusive Salybia – 11am
TRIBE Ignite – Jenny’s Car Park
UWI Splash – Chaguaramas
Fantasy Thursday

Friday 17th February 2012 aka “CARNIVAL FRIDAY
Silent Morning Boat Ride – Chaguaramus
International Soca Monarch Finals
Island People Girl Power
Privilege ‘RISE’ – All-Inclusive – Moka, Maraval – 9pm
Blue Range Cooler Fete – Diego Martin

Saturday 18th February 2012
Junior Parade of the Bands: (Kiddies Carnival)
Panorama Finals
Scorch Carnival – St. Clair
Anya – The All – Inclusive Fete, St. Clair
Trini Posse Fete – Chaguaramas
Island Style INSOMNIA – Chaguarams
Lions – All-Inclusive
SSWassy Boatride – Coral Vision, Port of Spain
Dawn, Sunrise In The City – Jenny’s Car Park

Sunday 19th February 2012
Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party – St. Michael’s Parish Grounds
UP – Palm Avenue West, Petit Valley
D’Original Breakfast Party – Diamond Vale, Diego Martin
Dancing In the Sanctuary – All-Inclusive – Valsayn
Brian Lara – All-Inclusive – Chancellor Hill
Moka Explosion All-Inclusive
Mania 2010 – Free Drinks – Country Club
Dimanche Gras – Calypso Finals, King and Queen of the Bands Competition

Parade of the Bands

Parade of the Bands

Thursday 23rd February 2012
Moonlighting – The Coral Vision- Cruise Ship Complex – Wrightson Road



Keep checking for updates, will add and edit as new information becomes available.

*Special thanks to Whey all the fetes are for Carnival


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